Saturday, December 13, 2008

LHOTP swap (due in February)

eventhough this isn't due until February, I'm still posting this just in case my spoiler wants to find it

....personal information not shared....

Favorite LHOP series book: oh my I loved all of them! I can’t pick just one!

Favorite LHOP character: Carolyn. She was tough!

Favorite fibers: I like anything but that acrylic that you
can’t even burn! LOL

Favorite colors: I guess you’d say I like the bruise colors…dark colors like black, blue, brown, green, etc.

Favorite scent: vanilla

Favorite type(s) of project to knit or crochet: I have been knitting a lot of shawls, but I’d love to learn to knit gloves….so, I will say gloves :)

Likes: (yarn related)-anything less than DK weight. I love any weight yarn up to 5 ply. Anything bigger than that feels like a rope! LOL. (accessories related) - I can never have enough stitch markers, and I love pens and journals. I love all things vintage, and I love to read. Honestly, I will truly love anything!

Dislikes: 12-ply yarn (LOL) just kidding!. I don’t really crochet anymore so I guess that’s in my dislike pile now. I don’t like red yarn, but that’s about it.

Allergies: coconut. I can’t even use cocobutter or anything. I’m seriously allergic.

Do you have a wishlist for the swap? I would love to have some of the patterns in my queue copied off (the free ones even) because I no longer have a printer & using pen and paper takes so much time! I’d love to have copies:) it doesn’t have to be the patterns that cost anything either :) black yarn, I’d love to get some really black yarn candles kool-aid packs because I dye yarn chocolate something fun anything really!! (I can put up a list of things on my profile if I need to, I will honestly love anything…I’m not picky….There’s nothing I truly hate