Monday, December 29, 2008

I can't wait until tomorrow!

one of my new dear friends, Elle, and I are having a get together at her home tomorrow! I'm so happy I get to get together with her again (we had a sit and knit/drop spindle at Jacks Restaurant a while back).....

I am so exicted to go & get a lesson in how to use my drop spindle tomorrow! I think I've 'just almost' got it, but it's always nice to have another set of eyes to see what you are doing, KWIM?

I contacted Elle at Ravelry & asked her for the lesson, and she so nicely agreed :) She's a swell gal! If you have the chance, swing by her blog...she's a hoot!

I am so very blessed that I live in this day and time that eventhough I don't have a way to go all the time (we have only one vehicle), I do have this way to communicate with others, and I've been blessed to have these friends via the internet. The internet can be used for good, see?

I will update this little blog (I don't know that anyone but me reads it, but anyway) whenever I get back tomorrow.....I'm so excited, and thanks again Elle, for being such a swell egg!