Saturday, December 06, 2008

at least for one person at one time.......I was a blessing to them.

yesterday, while putting up our tree (which took forever because we forgot where we put everything!) Among all the ornaments we found years of Christmas cards......among the Christmas cards I found several from Momma. One even from when she & Dad were still married (proof I keep everything, they've been divorced since 88).
if you can't read the card it says:
I love all your family
but most of all I love you dearly.
May God bless you & yours
You are a blessing to me
yes, this card is special because now my Momma is gone, but it's even more special because it was one of the last few writings I have of hers on a card. This (2004) was her last Christmas & how precious is this card to me!
ALS is a terrible disease, and I pray that no one ever has to suffer with it like she did. She had the guts to go thru it, and I was going to stick right in there with her no matter how much it hurt me to see her like that. Even in the last days when I was crying to Jesus for mercy for her, even if it meant death...she had such grace with it all....I don't know how in the world she faced such a mighty giant.......and battled like you wouldn't believe.....eventhough her victory didn't mean she lived here still....she had victory because she no longer hurts, suffers, struggles to breathe........she never gave up her faith. She never had not one moment where she felt sorry for herself, or acted in anger, or even questioned why....if she ever did those things it wasn't in front of me & I was around most all the time. She was such a blessing to me & I miss her so much!
it makes me so happy to know that for once in my life, for at least one person that lived here....they felt I was a blessing to them. I want to be a blessing. That is my hearts desire to be good to be there for people. Thank you Momma for letting me be there for you even when it was hard for you to let down your privacy to me. I love you Mom.