Friday, November 14, 2008

thank you Lord, my blessings are many

thank you Lord, for our blessings are many, and our trials are few!

How many times as you've gone through your life have you turned a tear stained face upward & prayed
dear long?
why Lord, why???

I know in my case, in the five years that I've been a Christian I've had those moments.
When my Sugar Momma was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) it was one of the hardest moments up until that time that I have had (since becoming a Christian).Seeing the woman that helped raise me, tried her best to be a mother to me, and had finally found her way to God, going through such a terrible trial by fire was something that left me shaken. I remember my first thoughts after watching her sweet life slip away from us, was "what now?" I immediately fell upon my knees in the front yard & prayed the first prayer I as a Motherless adult. why, Lord, why? was among the prayers I prayed that day.

it was a short time after that my marriage was upon shaky ground. I had tried and tried everything I could think of to try to draw my groom (who wasn't going to church, but had been saved as an older teen), and instead of drawing him to me, it was having the opposite affect. The devil was really working over time trying to tear my family apart. It was during all those church services that I sat with no one on my left side that I often prayed dear long?. I purposefully left the spot to my left empty. I KNEW it was going to happen, I had to just wait...and wait...and wait....

this time last year, my groom was in an auto accident. I was working a full time job, he was working a full time job...we weren't "connecting" like I prayed we children weren't doing as well as I would have liked, especially my daughter...she was so angry & full of rebellion. why Lord, why??? was many a prayer that I said because I felt I was trying my hardest as I could & still it felt like my life was falling apart.

because of the accident, I lost my job....I had no way to get to/from groom began to talk to me about homeschooling our children (it had long been a silent prayer of mine that I could) and that is exactly what the Lord warmed up my groom to offer.

it was a series of such financially trying times that I surely was afraid we'd end up going hungry....there were times that I lifted up my fresh batch of dear long? or why Lord, why??? The most recent being my groom getting short time at work with it being so close to Christmas.......but instead of my usual turning up of tear stained face I have instead bowed my head......and blessings.

when you consider all blessings are so many, and my troubles are so few...thank you Lord for the blessings upon me.