Saturday, November 15, 2008

ramblings......Christmas, and Abby

hello, again, gentle readers! It seems I am always blogging away...I fear I'm addicted! :) But I guess this is what one does that doesn't have a very large social circle, or a local yarn store to go to, huh? LOL

I have FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY finished my step FIL's Georgia Tech quilt. In all honesty I have nightmares about that shade of yellow, and I don't think I could look at another cartoon yellow-jacket as long as I live.

I was going to sew my Dad a quilt, but my heart just isn't in it. I tried to piece some pieces together, and I'm just not loving it. It just doesn't FEEL right, KWIM? I don't know what to make him, but I'm not making that. I mentioned to Boo that I may instead make toss pillows out of the manly material to give him to toss on their bed, but I'm not sure. My Dad is an amazing man, but he's impossible to buy for/give to. He never asks for anything, or lets on that he "needs" anything, so I'm left to my own devices. Any ideas? He doesn't wear scarves (Lord know's I've tried getting him/knitting him enough of those already), or matter how cold I've never seen him wear a skull cap, etc. He just doesn't do it. Any suggestions are appreciated!

believe it or not, I'm finally knitting something for myself. SHOCK! This is the first thing I've cast on for myself in EVER! I usually knit for others, but since my children aren't really interested in anything of the sort right now from me (plus I have the "forced" knitwear for Christmas already made for them...*chuckle*), so I've cast on for abby

It's so far so good! I'm only like 4 rows into we shall see.


knitogether said...

What yarn are you using for Abby? I really like that pattern, but I'm resolved to knit from stash only!

Kimbo said...

hiya! Since I live in Alabama & it doesn't get all too cold, I'm using Knit Picks Gloss lace (something I had in my stash that was given to me)...

it's a hunter-greenish-type color & it knits up like butter!

let me know what you decide to use!