Saturday, November 22, 2008

completed Christmas prezzies!

the blue item being blocked is a shawl for my groom's grandmother It is the Mrs. Shelton pattern from Victorian Lace Today. It was a dream of a pattern & knit up pretty well!

the item being blocked above is a black/gray scarf that I knitted for my step FIL who has a Harley (I tried to match the black). It's very long (it's folded in half there) because he's a giant! LOL

this above is the 4 way ascot that I made up the pattern for. It has 4 buttons placed so that you can button it /have it 4 different ways. I made this for my MIL, and for my grooms aunt.

yes, Virginia...there is a grown woman with feet that small! My wee MIL is not even 5 ft tall (I'm that tall & I feel huge next to her!) and she wears a size 4 ...these socks are a made up pattern as well

this quilt is for my step FIL, he is a HUGE Ga. Tech fan...I'm so sick of that yellow! LOL LOL

we also have the book "The Last Lecture" to give to my step FIL, and MIL...

I hope they enjoy these prezzies!