Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday morning weigh-in

I weighed in again this AM, I'm getting to where I dread them.

I weigh between 130-131, again. AGAIN.nothing fits me anymore, but I can't seem to get the scale to go down....not even a pound.

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt I'm doing my macros right, and that I'm exercising the hardest that I can, and still this standstill.

I can only hope that adding banish fat boost metabolism that I've been doing this week will help the scales be more friendly towards me.

when I first started losing weight (I started at 155) it showed how hard I was working, but these last 4 or so weeks I've found it impossible to get down below the 130's, and I admit I'm tempted to just quit. Whats the point if I'm not really getting anywhere?

ahhh forget quitting. I can't. I'm addicted. But I sure am mad at my body right now.


I just measured & this is what I'm measuring now


this is what I measured on the 14th

do measurements count? oh yea they do! I can't believe how much my thighs are going down! my bottom isn't losing any for some reason, but the rest is slowly but surely!


Anonymous said...

Those #s are fantastic! Keep it up. Remember, throw that scale in the closet and just keep up with the #s. They are definitely showing results.

Butt: I wish I had that problem--I am flat as a pancake. I am instead trying exercises to boost that area, lol. What type of exercises have you tried to target that area? I've picked up a few from Oxygen magazine but one of the things they emphasize constantly when working out for this area: clean eating--lots of protein, veggies and again lots of protein.

Keep up the great work!

K said...

I'm doing LOTS of clean eating!!! ☺ I'm also keeping up with my macros daily & on days I don't workout I reduce my calorie intake from 1317 (my bmr), to 1200.

I'm doing 'kickboxing' types of exercises that are in Jillian Michaels DVD's. They aren't really shrinking my butt, but man my thighs have gone down like crazy!!

thanks for the encouragement! I hope someday to do marathons, etc. but its slow & steady to get there!